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Build and launch a personalized learning pathway that empowers your child to thrive. Invata’s credentialed learning advisors deliver expert guidance, resources and support sessions to help you create a clear and actionable plan for your family. It’s time to reimagine education, together.

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Education is Here.

Is your child’s school set up to help them thrive in the real world? All too often, we find the answer is ‘no’.

We are a group of experienced and credentialed educators, as well as dedicated parents, who are committed to building a brighter future for our kids – and yours, too.

With professional learning assessments, curricula, community events, advisory sessions and more, we have created a caring ecosystem that makes education more meaningful, challenging, and exciting.

And we’d love for you to join us.

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Without an assessment I wasn't sure how my boys were doing compared to the national norm.


Invata Mom, Oregon

Invata provides our family tools to maintain educational standards without borders, so we can travel on our schedule, and experience life as a family with the precious little time we have.

The Battin Family

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Having been pushed into remote learning unexpectedly, I now see the benefits of alternative education systems, and Invata helped me find a path that is not only working, it’s fun!


Invata Dad, New York

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